rock of ages

by: Kim

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Photohunt - Rock(s)


lissa said...

this version is definitely better, but I think it's matter of perspective but when compare side by side, this new revision showcase the cross better

btw, when viewing the post with the comments under the images/the comment disappears since it is in black - just something I thought you should know

AmpersandPrime said...

yeah, i know it does that. none of my text colors are set to black, tho. so i don't know how to fix it!

since i don't use post titles, i link it by clicking on the time stamp and maybe that has a kink in it.


and thanks for the feedback on the images i like the perspective of the other shot too, just not that one stone; it bothers me. :)

lissa said...

I check your CSS - in the section below:

.comment-body {

- the "color:black" could be the culprit

try changing to a shade of gray or something lighter

(ps, I use a web developer's tool to view your CSS - - it works for Firefox)

AmpersandPrime said...

thank you! I just fixed it. I could not figure out where that color was hard wired. *big smile*

Sharon said...

Gorgeous! I love this.