high wire act

100 mm
1/250 sec

by: Kim

photohunt: electric


Brita said...

What a beautiful shot and the shoes, how on earth did they come up there? Great take on the theme. Thanks for visiting too.

Karen said...

Great idea for this theme. There are several pairs of shoes like this near our local high school. Wonder how the kids explain how their shoes are missing to their parents? It always makes me smile to see them.

Anna said...

So cool!

Mrs Mecomber said...

Oh we have junk littering our wires all over the place! Grr I don't like it!

Good shot!

My Photo Hunters is up. I hope you have time to visit mine! New York Traveler.net

Happy weekend!

Susanne said...

Now that is an awesome shot!

Gorgeous Nelly said...

Wow, that was awesome.

My electric entry is up too.

Happy weekend.