100 mm
1/800 sec

Sandie and I enjoyed an adventure on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We took our travel map, drew a 2 hour radius around Louisville, I closed my eyes and pointed to a spot on the map.

Cannelton, Indiana.

We found a local address in Cannelton, loaded up our Thanksgiving leftovers, and fired up our GPS, "Emma" (who is very bossy and sometimes even rude).

We set sail for Cannelton, not even knowing what was there. We did know it was on the Ohio river, bordering Kentucky.

The drive was fun, with lots of talking and dreaming and laughing. As we got closer to our destination, we were looking for signs of the town and before we knew it we had blown through Cannelton and were back on the Kentucky side of the river in the little town of Hawesville. We drove through the town center, over the railroad track and along the river.

We could see the sandy beach below the road -- and had to, um pee -- so we were happy to find a spot with a rusty, crooked, yet sturdy stairway down to the river.

After almost two hours wandering, exploring, shooting, and shell and rock collecting, we climbed back up to the car, hit the local gas station for a pit stop and a lottery ticket. Then we drove to another spot where we could park along the river and gratefully consumed our leftovers.

It was definitely a Thanksgiving meal.

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oneshotbeyond said...

results of the lotto ticket? HA! It sounds like a fun adventure!