snow globe

1/8000 sec

This one was taken as a drive by.

Sandie and I went out of our way, on a recent road trip, to take some photos in the Daniel Boone National Forest. We even stopped at a Motel 8 in order to wake up early and get the good light before I had to be at work next day.

We woke to an unexpected snow storm and little to no visibility. I'm glad I at least have one shot to show for our little misadventure.

(Hey Caroline, you inspired me to try using a texture.)


Caroline said...

I love this (glad to be an inspiration...*smiles*). This has such a cool TTV feel. Wish I could take photos of some snow. Have a wonderful New Year...looking forward to seeing more beautiful works in 2010

Anonymous said...

I do "drive by's" all the time. I love scenes like this!!!