100 mm
1/3200 sec

These daffodils are growing on a parcel of land that Sandie and I very much want to buy. It has two abandoned trailers, completely falling apart, and it needs so much TLC.

In the midst of all the dilapidation, life can still bloom. The land calls to us, "come help me be beautiful again and I will share all my wonders and stories with you."

We stood on this land recently, and prayed into the breeze. "Let's listen for what it is saying," I said. We stood quietly listening to all the ambient noises -- ones that belong to nature and can't be heard in the suburbia in which we currently dwell. As Sandie was quietly asking for a sign, I heard "just keep listening."

That's when we both heard bells.

We later saw that it was a neighbor's wind chimes. But two things were interesting; first, the timing of the wind chimes and second, the fact that they only chimed twice the whole time we were out there even though there was a steady breeze the whole time.

The second time they rang was as we thanked our angels for the land.

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jo(e) said...

Beautiful -- both the image and the words.