Sitting at McDonalds while Sandie is at a business meeting, hankering to create something, I was inspired by Kim's post. Since I'm on the baybee (netbook) and all I have are my photobucket images, I cull my archives to find this overexposed, poorly composed image and proceed to pimp it out using the photobucket editing tools.

This image is one of many on my photobucket, back when Sandie and I had a long-distance thang going on, and we spent many an hour sharing ALL our photos online.

I credit Sandie's photography knowledge and the long-distance phase of our romance for most of my photography skills. Thousands of shots and hours of critique has given me my style and substance as an artist. Great virtual dates too -- talk, shoot, talk, view photos, talk, edit photos, talk some more. :-)

I've always loved this peom, credo even, by Walt Witman. To live life that way every would truly be transformative. I know that even living some days that way has changed me for the better.

This little caterpillar looks like he's got it right.

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