magnolia revisited

135 mm
1/160 sec
ISO 640


My camera needs to go to the Canon USA Hospital. It's hard to believe what an integral part of life it has become for me.

While I will miss it, I'm going to take the opportunity to cull my archives and revisit last spring. One year ago was the beginning of so many changes in my life. Even as I was taking these shots, I had no idea it would be my last spring in Maryland.

The past couple of weeks have found me missing my yard, my bird feeder, my trees, my flowers, my woods, and all my secret photo places.

I'm hoping that perusing, processing, and posting some of my shots from my ex-home will both help me remember ... and let go.

This shot is my beloved deciduous magnolia, the last tree that I planted in the yard. I almost killed it from over watering and had to run back to the nursery for advice, and sand, to try save it. Evidently it wanted to live in spite of me.

There will be some new shots here, too, as I have both a daughter and girlfriend that have generously offered to share their fine cameras.


LauraLiz said...

Gorgeous! Hope the "processing" goes well. I've got you back on Google Reader, so I won't miss any more entries. :-)

Mary said...

I LOVE this shot -- the colors, the lighting... gorgeous! So sorry about your camera. My daughter called mine my third arm the other day. Hope you get yours back soon! :)

Bilbo said...

I love your flowers and all your work. I'm a friend of Julie Bogart's and ran across your blog while following some of the links of another photographer friend of Julie's.

Anonymous said...

this image is spectacular! I love the darkness of's almost mysterious and for a flower that is not often the case. Wonderful job.