This is from our recent camping trip at Clifty Falls, in Indiana. It's right near Madison, one of our favorite places.

Normally, I shoot with my 100 mm macro lens, but we were hiking and had Gus with us so I thought the smaller 50 mm lens would be a better choice.

It's been a while since I shot with the fifty for an extensive shoot. It was fun to challenge myself to compose in a new way and break the routine of my usual approach. Besides that, the fifty can get even better bokeh than the macro!

And we all know that I'm a complete whore, um, sell-out when it comes to bokeh.

-- Kim

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Tracy P. said...

Just gorgeous, Kim!

I enjoy hearing how people use lenses. I have relied so heavily on zoom for so long that I cannot imagine getting used to prime lenses. Of course, when you spend half of your life watching your kids play baseball, basketball and volleyball, you kind of have to let the lens do the moving for you. A 50mm is on my list right after an 18-200 or 270.